Why I started Consciously Creative and my introduction!

girl standing by the sea

Hi everyone! I’m Romita. You’re probably here from my very recently started page called Consciously Creative. Social media can be so one-sided sometimes (I honestly have a love-hate relationship with Instagram). So I thought of writing a blog for you, though you could think of this as a letter or a note. I thought this could be a great way to pour my heart out to all of you. With no character limits! More importantly, I hope to build a more meaningful relationship with everyone here and maybe get to know you on a deeper level. If you’d allow me. Since Consciously Creative is a pretty new page, in its infancy really, I know a lot of you might be wondering who in the world I am 😀

I totally get it, Instagram is constantly trying to sell each one of us something. A new face oil, an aspirational lifestyle or a new dream. If I had a lottery ticket for every time I’ve seen the ‘I quit my job to travel the world’ kinda sponsored posts, I’d probably have made some pretty neat cash by now. Probably. So I get it if you’ve already slotted me as ‘one of those girls on IG who keep telling everyone to be vegan, mend their clothes and meditate’ 😊. Oh boy, that does sound like me haha though I’m not vegan. 

I didn’t start Consciously Creative to sell you anything. But instead of trying to justify that to you, I’ll tell you an incident that happened to me a while ago. I’ve been, knowingly and unknowingly, guided down the path of holistic living and spirituality for the last 6 years. I studied fashion in college and worked in retail for a few years but something always felt amiss. In 2016, I was introduced to the book called Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Not to sound dramatic, but the book made a sea shift in the way I think and perceive the world. One thing led to another: I read many books, practised different forms of meditation, learnt ways of living a conscious and mindful life through Eastern traditional wisdom, continued to practise yoga and learnt about healing and homeopathy from my mother (she’s a homeopath).

I noticed a common pattern. Whenever I would stay on the path of spirituality and consciousness, not just through meditation but also through eating right, doing yoga and most importantly focusing on gratitude and happy thoughts, things would easily fall into place. Like a master jigsaw puzzle artist. (Is that a thing?! It totally should be.) But when I would slack, fall back into old ways of living the way we’ve been conditioned to, creating from matter instead of creating from the field (more on that some other day), that’s when I would fall flat on my face. Nothing seemed to ever go my way, it was like the cosmos was out to get me. *Did I mention I was dramatic?* Instead of being the master jigsaw artist, I was looking all over the house for a piece I’d left behind at my neighbour’s. Only to realise I shouldn’t have been making that puzzle in the first place.

Long story short there I was in 2020, trying to meditate. Telling myself I would dedicate more time and energy to further my meditation practice. I was tired and resentful when it came to my so-called professional life, with years of doing jobs and projects that my heart really wasn’t in. I was good at most of the things I did, not gonna lie, but something always felt off. More importantly, the few projects or opportunities I actually wanted to work on would fall through for strange inexplicable reasons. And this happened so many times that it wasn’t feeling like a coincidence anymore. And in spiritual speak, when stuff like that happens your higher self is trying to tell you something. So I got out of meditation and this line just came out of nowhere, “You don’t have to have it all figured out in this moment. Teach what you have to learn.”

Me: “Well umm ok… but what is it that I want to learn?”

Voice in my head (higher self): “Well, what lights up your eyes?”

Me: “Ok I know the answer to that… I love speaking about how to live in harmony with nature and our environment and most importantly to live in harmony with our soul, our purpose or higher calling. I want to show people that we CAN minimise our waste, both in our homes and our minds. I want to show people that we CAN live an efficient, affordable and holistic life by reducing the harmful substances we take in through air, food, water and clothing. I absolutely LOVE to be of help to people who are in despair, mentally, physically or spiritually, to show them hope, to show them their Grandest Self. And yes, in the process I’m going to be on the path of being My Grandest Self. 

Voice: *Silence*

Me: “So I guess that’s what I’m going to do then?”

I went to sleep, my mind exhausted with this weird download of information.

A couple weeks later, I was making my vision board; an activity I like to do and that’s given me positive results in the past. I decided to write on the board a gist of the info I’d received the other day. I wrote something like “Connecting with people on spirituality, slow living and ancient wisdom.” And next to that, quite mindlessly, in green coloured pen mind you, I wrote, CONSCIOUSLY CREATIVE. All caps. I even have a picture to prove it. A few seconds later I realised what I’d written and thought, “Ah! Ok… that’s an apt name I guess.” I didn’t know if it would be the final name or anything, but I left it on my vision board anyway.

I opened up my copy of Conversations with God the same evening, just to do a few minutes of reading. This is something I do often to align my thoughts and emotions and gear me up for meditation. I guess it just puts me in a positive state of mind. One thing I’ve noticed about this book is that often when I have an issue or a question in my mind, the book opens to a page that holds the answer to my current dilemma. So this time I opened the book to a random page, not even knowing what my current dilemma really was, and declared, “Show me a sign. Anything.”

And there it was, right on that page, the only phrase written in italics, Consciously Creative.

So no, not trying to sell you anything. Just learning along the way, trying to maximise the little harmony and happiness that I’ve achieved through this wonderful (though fleeting) state called consciousness. I hope BOTH you and me can benefit from it and be our Grandest Self. I hope you join me.