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Why beginners give up on meditation and why you shouldn’t
I don’t know whether you’ve considered adding meditation to your daily routine. Or even weekly routine. This post is for
girl standing by the sea
Why I started Consciously Creative and my introduction!
Hi everyone! I’m Romita. You’re probably here from my very recently started page called Consciously Creative. Social media can be
Instagram inspired me to embrace my Indianness and learn Kathak
‘She believed she could, so she did! #keeplearning #sundayfunday’, read superstar Aliaa Bhatt’s Instagram post from three years ago. The
2020 new year resolutions
2020 was my year of unabandoned New Year resolutions: Here are a few
At the beginning of 2020, making new year resolutions with the foreseeable future in mind seemed futile. Little did one
turning 30
Thirty Flirty and Surviving: the 90s kids step into their thirties
I turned thirty in the June of this particularly apocalyptic year. Filled up on wine, I decided to catch a
zoom book club
I attended a Zoom Book Club Meeting and here’s how it went
Rekindling the love for books keeping social distancing in mind, virtual book clubs come with their own endearing glitches One
love in the time of corona
Love in the Time of Corona
“And exhale…rub your palms, don’t wipe your face”, said my yoga teacher upon ending the class. There are hushed whispers
how to be a responsible consumer
Listen to your Mother when she says you have enough clothes & easy steps to be a responsible consumer
I often undertake what I call a ‘wardrobe organisational exercise’ every 2 months (read half-yearly) to make the interiors of
sari feature image
Deconstructing the Sari: India’s most sustainable garment
A sari is never really thrown away. Then why don’t we cherish each item in our wardrobe as dearly as
A Guide to Modern Day Yoga Poses (Asanas)
“Yoga se hi hoga”, was the resounding agreement by practitioners and students alike, on the recent International Yoga Day that
Time wasters on instagram
Precious minutes of your screen time that are not coming back
Who all have set an Instagram time limit for themselves? For those wondering- you can set a reminder in the
Tribute to dad jokes
Father’s Day Special: A Tribute to Dad Jokes
Remember the 90s when sleepovers were a ‘thingy’?  (90s lingo, but then who even says lingo anymore). I was 12,
My Achievement Graph
“The Apple fell too far from the tree and cost me 750$”
How growing up in the 90s killed romance for me
The cultural backdrop of the 90s didn’t quite set the stage for a healthy relationship with romance. Classroom games included
My Grudge Against Plus Size Clothing
I’m not your average jeans and T-shirt girl. That’s because I have a love-hate relationship with my denims. I remember
The Robot Wears Prada: Future of the Fashion Industry
My phone flashes. It’s time for my store appointment. I unlock my screen and my personal fashion assistant, greets me
Words Gen Z Should Stop Using: The Defunct dictionary of 2017
Now let me get this out- I don’t know what the cool kids are saying. Leave me with a bunch
Culture over Concierge: 5 reasons you MUST Airbnb your next holiday
If I had to take one of those ‘What’s Your Travel Personality?’ Tests, (there’s got to be one) my result
The Curious case of the Millennial and the Buckwheat Idli
Not really about idlis in particular or food in general, but with ample food references nevertheless. “I’m making buckwheat idlis
Dear Writer: An Open Letter by an Open Letter
Dear Open Letter Writer, Last week when you offered condolences on Twitter, it got me thinking. Is there a reason